10 Best Practices for Facebook Cover Photo Size & Design for Ecommerce Brands

Creating a Facebook cover photo that captures your ecommerce brand's unique style and message can be a challenge. You want it to stand out, but also convey professionalism and authenticity. To help you achieve this, here are our 10 best practices for Facebook cover photo size and design:

Facebook Cover Photo Size

  • The ideal Facebook cover photo size is 820 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall.
  • Upload a high-resolution image to avoid any distortion or pixelation issues.

How do Facebook cover photos appear on mobile vs. desktop screens?

When viewing Facebook on mobile devices, the cover photo appears at 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. To optimize your cover photo for mobile, keep the focal point in the center of the image.

How to Design a Facebook Cover Photo

1. Abide by Facebook's cover photo guidelines.

  • Don't include any misleading elements or calls-to-action that violate Facebook's policies.
  • Avoid excessive amounts of text or images that infringe on someone else's intellectual property.

2. Make sure your Facebook cover photo is the right size.

Choosing the right size for your Facebook cover photo ensures that the image appears correctly on all devices.

3. Don’t worry about the “20% text” rule.

Facebook's 20% text rule no longer applies to cover photos, but it's still important to use text sparingly. Focus on using visuals to communicate your message and brand.

4. Give your cover image a focal point.

Choose an image with a clear focal point - this could be a striking product photo, brand logo, or unique design element.

5. Make sure your profile picture compliments your cover photo.

Your profile picture should be clear and high-quality and should complement your cover photo design. It should also be easy to recognize at smaller sizes.

7. Right-align the objects in your cover photo.

Right-aligning objects in your cover photo can make your page look more organized and professional.

9. Include a shortened link in your cover photo description that aligns with your page CTA.

Adding a shortened link to your website or a product page in the cover photo description can drive traffic and increase conversions.

10. Pin a related post right below your Facebook cover image.

Pin a related post that highlights your brand or latest product release to drive engagement and interest.

Facebook Cover Photo Sizes that Work for Your Business

Choosing a cover photo that represents your brand and showcases what you have to offer is essential for ecommerce brands. Test different sizes, designs, and messaging to find a Facebook cover photo that works best for your business.