43 Unique Email Sign-Offs to Add Personality to Your E-Commerce Emails

As an e-commerce business owner, email communication with your customers is crucial. It's a powerful tool to establish your brand's personality and improve customer engagement. Email sign-offs play an important role in achieving this goal. Yet, many of us still rely on the traditional and overused options like 'Best' and 'Thanks'. It's time to get creative and add a unique touch to your emails.

Email Sign-Offs

Let's explore the top 43 email sign-offs to elevate your e-commerce brand personality:

Creative Email Sign-Offs

  • 1. 'May the force be with you'
  • 2. 'Stay curious'
  • 3. 'Thanks a melon'
  • 4. 'Wishing you a fantastical day'
  • 5. 'Cheers to better days ahead'

22. 'Enjoy your break'

If a customer has mentioned going on vacation or taking some time off, this sign-off is perfect. It shows your attention to detail and that you care about their well-being. It's a great way to engage with customers and build stronger relationships.

Funny Email Sign-Offs

  • 6. 'Don't forget to feed your cat'
  • 7. 'Stay sane in the membrane'
  • 8. 'Release the Kraken!'
  • 9. 'I'm ready for my close-up'
  • 10. 'Wishing you the joy of a thousand puppy belly rubs'

Professional Email Sign-Offs

  • 11. 'Warm regards'
  • 12. 'Sincerely'
  • 13. 'Respectfully yours'
  • 14. 'All the best'
  • 15. 'Best regards'

Formal Email Sign-offs

  • 16. 'Yours faithfully'
  • 17. 'Yours truly'
  • 18. 'With gratitude'
  • 19. 'In good faith'
  • 20. 'Thank you for your prompt attention'

How Not to Sign-Off an Email

While getting creative with email sign-offs is a great strategy, it's important to avoid certain options that may not be appropriate for e-commerce communication. Here are some examples:

  • 1. 'Love'
  • 2. 'Kisses,' 'xx,' 'xoxo,' 'hugs'
  • 3. 'Yours'
  • 4. 'Ciao'
  • 5. 'Yours faithfully'
  • 6. 'Rgds,' 'Thx'
  • 7. 'More soon'
  • 8. 'As ever'
  • 9. Not including a sign-off

While some of these sign-offs may be harmless, they can be perceived as unprofessional or inappropriate for e-commerce communication. It's always best to stick to safe and professional options.

In conclusion, email sign-offs are an important element of e-commerce communication that can help you build stronger relationships with your customers. By getting creative and adding personality to your emails, you can elevate your brand personality and make a lasting impression. So, next time you sign-off, think outside the box and choose a unique option that reflects your brand's personality.