The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Hashtags for 2022

As social media continues to dominate the marketing world, Instagram has proven to be a powerful platform for businesses to connect with their audiences. One of the most effective ways to boost your Instagram engagement and attract new followers is through the use of hashtags. But with so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's why our eCommerce expert is breaking down the ultimate guide to Instagram hashtags for 2022.

What is an Instagram hashtag?

Before we dive into the specifics, let's start with the basics. An Instagram hashtag is a keyword or phrase, prefixed with the pound sign (#), that's used to categorize posts and make them discoverable to users who are searching for content on that particular topic.

Why are hashtags important?

Hashtags are a powerful tool for increasing visibility and reach for your posts. When you include relevant and popular hashtags in your posts, you increase the likelihood that your content will be seen by users who are searching or browsing for content related to your brand or industry. This, in turn, can help you attract new followers and boost engagement on your posts.

How Brands Are Using Hashtags in 2022 [Data]

A recent study found that 70% of hashtags on Instagram are branded, meaning that businesses are recognizing the value of hashtags in growing their social media presence. Additionally, posts with at least one hashtag receive 12.6% more engagement than those without. This highlights the importance of using hashtags in your Instagram strategy.

Types of Instagram Hashtags

Now that you understand the importance of hashtags, let's dive into the best ones to use for your brand. We've broken down the top Instagram hashtags for companies and individuals as well as emerging hashtags to watch and ones to retire.

Best Instagram Hashtags for Companies

  • #productivity
  • #marketing
  • #smallbusiness
  • #digitalmarketing
  • #startup
  • #entrepreneur
  • #growthhacking
  • #branding
  • #socialmedia
  • #ecommerce

Top Instagram Hashtags for Individuals

  • #travelgram
  • #fashionblogger
  • #foodie
  • #fitnessmotivation
  • #lifestyleblogger
  • #photography
  • #selflove
  • #beauty
  • #music
  • #art

Best Instagram Hashtags

These are the top 10 most frequently used hashtags on Instagram as of 2022:

  1. #love (2.1B posts)
  2. #instagood (1.5B posts)
  3. #fashion (1B posts)
  4. #photooftheday (988M posts)
  5. #art (888.6M posts)
  6. #beautiful (792.1M posts)
  7. #photography (864.7M posts)
  8. #happy (671M posts)
  9. #cute (659.8M posts)
  10. #instagram (828.1M posts)

Emerging Hashtags

These are the top trending Instagram hashtags for 2022:

  1. #life (409.1M posts)
  2. #music (398.6M posts)
  3. #amazing (300.5M posts)
  4. #nofilter (286.8M posts)
  5. #sunset (299.5M posts)
  6. #motivation (305.5M posts)
  7. #explore (318.1M posts)
  8. #foodporn (279.9M posts)
  9. #dogsofinstagram (267.9M posts)
  10. #bestoftheday (215.4M posts)

Hashtags to Retire

These hashtags have become oversaturated and should be avoided:

  • #likeforlike
  • #follow4follow
  • #instalike
  • #foodporn
  • #friends

Best Practices for Using Hashtags on Instagram

How many hashtags can I use on Instagram?

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post, but that doesn't mean you have to use them all. We recommend using 5-10 relevant hashtags per post for best results.

Should I add hashtags to every Instagram post?

It's not necessary to use hashtags on every post, but it can help increase visibility. If you're using a brand campaign hashtag or a hashtag specific to your industry, be sure to include it in every related post.

All of my posts are similar. Can I use the same hashtags over and over again?

While it's okay to use some of the same hashtags across your posts, be sure to mix it up and use a variety of relevant hashtags to avoid coming across as spammy.

Can I hide the hashtags in a comment?

Yes, you can hide hashtags in a comment after posting your initial caption. This can help keep your caption looking clean and professional.

How do I hide hashtags in the caption?

If you prefer to include your hashtags in the caption, try placing them at the end of your caption separated by a line break or placing them in the comment section after posting.

Are there any hashtags I should avoid using?

Avoid using hashtags that are irrelevant to your brand or industry, or ones that have been associated with spamming or inappropriate content.

Top B2B Hashtags

  • #businesstips
  • #entrepreneurmindset
  • #innovation
  • #technology
  • #leadership
  • #digitalmarketing
  • #startuplife
  • #smallbusinessowner
  • #productivity
  • #growthmindset

Top B2C Hashtags

  • #selfie
  • #foodporn
  • #travel
  • #fashion
  • #beauty
  • #fitness
  • #fun
  • #weekendvibes
  • #love
  • #instadaily

How to Use Hashtags on Instagram for Business

Follow these tips to effectively use hashtags for your business:

1. Keep your hashtags organized.

Use a spreadsheet or tool like Display Purposes to keep track of hashtags that are relevant to your brand and industry.

2. Figure out your magic number.

Determine how many hashtags you want to use on average per post and stick to it. This will help keep your posts looking clean and professional.

3. Narrow your hashtags.

Use niche-specific hashtags to reach your target audience and avoid oversaturated ones that will drown out your content.

4. Research what other people are hashtagging.

Take a look at what competitors and other users in your industry are hashtagging and incorporate those hashtags into your strategy.

5. Test out related hashtags.

Try using related hashtags to broaden your reach and attract new followers.

6. Follow your own hashtag.

Stay updated on your own hashtag by following it and engaging with users who are using it in their posts.

7. Create a brand campaign hashtag.

Create a unique hashtag specific to your brand or campaign to create buzz and encourage followers to engage with your content.

How to Search Hashtags on Instagram

Follow these steps to search for hashtags on Instagram:

  1. Open Instagram and tap the search icon.
  2. Tap the search bar at the top of your screen.
  3. Tap "Tags."
  4. Browse hashtags based on post count and current content.

Use Hashtags on Instagram to Gain More Followers

By using relevant and popular hashtags on Instagram, you can increase your reach, attract new followers, and boost engagement on your posts. Follow our ultimate guide to Instagram hashtags for 2022 to make the most out of your social media strategy.