What Good Customer Service Really Looks Like, with Examples

As an ecommerce expert, I know that providing good customer service is the key to building a loyal customer base and driving growth. But what does good customer service actually look like? Here are the strategies that leading businesses use, with examples to inspire you.

What is good customer service?

Good customer service can mean different things to different businesses and customers, but here are some key elements that stand out:

1. Rapid Response Times

No one likes to wait, especially when they have a question or a problem. That's why providing speedy responses to customer inquiries is essential. This can take the form of live chat, social media messaging, or email support, depending on what works best for your business and customers.

2. Customer Feedback Collection and Analysis

To truly excel at customer service, you need to listen to your customers and take action on their feedback. That means collecting feedback regularly through surveys, reviews, and other channels, and using that feedback to inform improvements to your products, policies, and services.

3. Customer Self-Service

Many customers want to be able to find answers to their questions on their own, without having to reach out to support. That's why providing a comprehensive knowledge base or FAQ section on your website is so important - it can save your customers time and frustration, and also reduce the burden on your support team.

4. Omni-Channel Support

Customers expect to be able to reach you through a variety of channels, from email to phone to social media. That's why having an omnichannel support strategy is key. You should be able to seamlessly provide support across channels, without making customers repeat themselves or wait too long for a response.

5. Emotional Intelligence

Good customer service doesn't just mean solving problems - it also means understanding and empathizing with your customers. Train your support team to listen actively, ask the right questions, and respond with kindness and understanding, even in difficult situations. By doing so, you can turn unhappy customers into loyal fans.

6. Creative Problem Solving

When customers come to you with problems, they want solutions, not excuses. That's why having a support team that can think outside the box and find creative solutions is so important. Whether it's offering a personalized discount or finding a workaround for a technical issue, the ability to solve problems quickly and creatively is a hallmark of great customer service.

Good Customer Service Examples

Now that you know what good customer service looks like in theory, let's look at some real-life examples. These ecommerce businesses have gone above and beyond to provide top-notch customer support:

1. ClusterTruck

This innovative food delivery company uses clever messaging and a simple ordering process to make customers feel heard and appreciated.

2. OhLolly

OhLolly, a beauty and skincare store, stands out for its personalized support and extensive knowledge base.

3. AdRoll

Digital marketing platform AdRoll takes a data-driven approach to customer feedback, using insights to improve the customer experience across all channels.

4. Santa Cruz Bicycles

Santa Cruz Bicycles impresses customers with speedy support response times and a hassle-free warranty policy.

5. Lyft

Rideshare giant Lyft provides 24/7 support through a variety of channels, including chat and phone, making it easy for customers to get help when they need it.

6. Basecamp

Project management tool Basecamp is praised for its humorous and friendly support team, who add personality and a human touch to every interaction.

7. Glossier

Cult beauty brand Glossier features a robust self-serve support section on its website, so customers can quickly find the answers they need.

8. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

Hospitality giant The Ritz-Carlton is famous for its "wow" experiences - moments where staff go above and beyond to surprise and delight guests.

9. Whirlaway Sports

This family-owned running store offers personalized support and expert advice, building strong relationships with customers over time.

You're On Your Way to Good Customer Service

By implementing the strategies and learning from the examples above, you can take your customer service from average to exceptional. Remember, great customer service starts with truly caring about your customers' needs and experiences - everything else will follow naturally.