UNIX: A Hacking Tutorial. 1990


o Intent of this file:

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Sir Hackalot. UNIX: A Hacking Tutorial. 1990

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/ UNIX : A Hacking Tutorial /
/ Sir Hackalot [PHAZE] /
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[Editor's Note: This was an independant file that was release some time
ago, but after talking with Sir Hackalot he gave us the go-ahead of
putting it in this issue under NIA for the people that have not gotten
it as an induvidual file.]

o Intent of this file:

This phile is geared as an UNIX tutorial at first, to let you get more
familiar with the operating system. UNIX is just an operating system, as
is MS-DOS, AppleDOS, AmigaDOS, and others. UNIX happens to be a multi-user-
multi-tasking system, thus bringing a need for security not found on MSDOS,
AppleDOS, etc. This phile will hopefully teach the beginners who do not have
a clue about how to use UNIX a good start, and may hopefully teach old pros
something they didn't know before. This file deals with UNIX SYSTEM V and
its variants. When I talk about unix, its usually about SYSTEM V (rel 3.2).
Where Can I be found? I have no Idea. The Boards today are going Up'n'Down
so fast, 3 days after you read this file, if I put a BBS in it where you could
reach me, it may be down! Just look for me.
I can be reached on DarkWood Castle [If it goes back up], but that board
is hard to get access on, but I decided to mention it anyway.
I *COULD* Have been reached on jolnet, but......
This file may have some bad spelling, etc, or discrepencies since it was
spread out over a long time of writing, because of school, work, Girl friend,
etc. Please, no flames. If you don't like this file, don't keep it.
This is distributed under PHAZE Inc. Here are the members (and ex ones)
The Dark Pawn
The Data Wizard
Sir Hackalot (Me)
Taxi (ummm.. Busted)
Lancia (Busted)
The British Knight (Busted)

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