The 15 Best Free PDF Readers of 2023

When it comes to PDF readers, there are countless options to choose from. However, finding the right one that meets your personal or business needs without breaking the bank can be overwhelming.

To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a list of the top 15 free PDF readers for 2022. These readers are feature-packed and provide essential functionalities that allow you to edit, review, and secure your PDF files with ease.

The 5 Best Free PDF Readers for Windows and Mac

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: This is the world's most popular PDF reader that provides excellent editing, e-signing, and commenting features. It has an intuitive interface and is available for Windows and Mac devices.
  • Foxit Reader: This is a lightweight and fast reader that supports different devices and platforms. It comes with various editing tools, security options, and cloud storage integration.
  • Nitro PDF Reader: This reader boasts of OCR capability, so you can easily convert scanned documents into editable files. It also supports e-signing, page merging, and other useful features.
  • SumatraPDF: This is an open-source, lightweight reader that focuses on speed and simplicity. It has a minimalist interface and supports various document formats, including PDF, ePub, MOBI, DjVu, and more.
  • PDF-XChange Editor: This reader has a robust set of features like form filling, redaction, OCR, and more. It's a bit bulky, but its functionality makes it a top choice for professionals.

The 5 Best Free PDF Readers for Windows

  • Microsoft Edge: This is a built-in PDF reader that comes with Windows 10. It supports all essential PDF features and also offers a read-aloud option.
  • PDFsam Basic: This reader is great for manipulating PDF files by splitting, merging, rotating, and extracting pages. You can also add watermarks and password protect your files.
  • PDF Reader for Windows 7: This reader has a user-friendly interface and provides basic PDF editing features like adding comments and highlighting text. It also supports tabbed viewing and touch screen gestures.
  • Slim PDF Reader: As the name implies, this reader is lightweight (1.4MB) and fast. It has an intuitive interface and supports essential PDF features like zooming, page rotation, and fit to screen.
  • Javelin PDF Reader: This reader is ideal for secure PDF viewing as it supports DRM-protected files. It also has a user-friendly interface, annotations, and search tools.

The 5 Best Free PDF Readers for Mac

  • Preview: This is a built-in PDF reader for Mac that has basic editing and annotation tools like adding text, shapes, and signatures. You can also merge and split pages and encrypt your files.
  • Skim: This reader is designed for researchers and students who need to manage large PDFs. It has features like note-taking, highlighting, and bookmarking.
  • PDFsam Basic: This reader is also available for Mac and offers the same functionalities as its Windows counterpart.
  • PDF Reader Pro – Lite Edition: This is a popular reader that provides advanced features like filling forms, converting PDFs to other formats, and digital signing. It's free but with watermarks.
  • PDF Studio Viewer: This reader has an intuitive interface and supports standard PDF features like form filling, annotations, and text editing. It's a great choice for individuals or small businesses.

Edit PDFs With Ease

There you have it, the top 15 free PDF readers for 2022. With these options, you can easily create, view, and edit your PDF documents without stretching your budget. Choose the one that suits your preferences and enjoy working with your PDF files.