4 Creative Ways to Add Spacing in HTML and CSS

How to Insert a Space in HTML

Despite what you may think, adding spaces in HTML doesn't have to be difficult. Consider these four easy-to-use options:

HTML Non-Breaking Space ( )

The HTML non-breaking space code is a popular method to insert minimal spaces in HTML. It is often used to add space between two words or characters that shouldn't be separated by a line break. To use it, simply type ' ' where you want the space to appear.

HTML Preformatted Text (<pre>) Tag

If you're looking to add space between lines of text, consider using the HTML preformatted text tag. This tag preserves spaces, line breaks, and other formatting, making it ideal if you want to display code or poetry on your website.

HTML Break (<br>) Tag

If you need a line break without a paragraph tag, use the HTML break tag. This tag inserts a single line break in your text without forming a new paragraph. To use it, simply add '<br>' to your HTML code.

HTML Paragraph (<p>) Tag

The HTML paragraph tag is an efficient way to add paragraphs to your website. It automatically adds a large amount of space between each paragraph, making it ideal for blog posts, product descriptions, and more.

How to Insert a Space in CSS

When it comes to adding space in CSS, the following methods work wonders:

CSS text-indent

To add spacing at the beginning of a paragraph or text block, use the CSS text-indent property. This property adds indentation to the first line of text in a block element, allowing you to create clean, stylish paragraphs with ease.

CSS text-align

The CSS text-align property is an excellent way to create spacing within a block element. By adjusting the alignment of your text, you can create whitespace between words, improve the readability of your text, and enhance your overall design.


This is a simple and easy-to-implement option to add space in CSS. The ' ' code is a non-breaking space that you can insert anywhere you need a little extra room.

Margins and Padding

FInally, consider using margins and padding. These CSS properties allow you to create space between different elements on your page, such as headings, images, and text blocks. By increasing or decreasing the margins and padding around these elements, you can create white space that enhances your design and makes your site more visually appealing.

Adding Extra Spaces in HTML

When it comes to making your text look clean and professional, adding extra space is a great strategy. Use the tips above to create space in HTML and CSS, and keep experimenting with different styles and methods to find what works best for you!